Beta 76 Can't Close Settings and Stutter

Every time I restart windows or boot from shutdown. My audio is set back to default mic. I go into settings to fix this and I pick my BT60 headset but i can’t close settings. If i close TS instead it sometimes saves my settings and sometimes it doesn’t but the bigger problem is when people talk to me or if i watch a video or my game is on. Any audio source i get stuttering and it won’t stop until i close TS. The stutter and the resetting to default has been happening for a while now. I say at least 8 months. Usually I have to unpair my BT headset then re-pair the headset and then it works fine. Now that doesn’t even work with this latest update.

Update: So I use ear trumpet to control my audio sources and what plays where ect. I closed that app that made no difference. If i close TS my audio on other devices goes back to normal. But if i close my game and my browser my TS goes back to normal. It very confusing. But what I then did was go into my windows 11 settings and into audio. I set my default mic to BT60 and default speaker to BT60. While in there I choose to Not Allow these audio devices to be managed by windows my two BenQ monitors. I left my S/PDIF, BT60, High Definition audio and steam audio as active. Then I went over to Mic’s and disabled the ones I don’t use. Live webcam mic and High Definition mic off.

After doing so the audio has cleared up and now i have no issues with any audio source playing while TS is open and my friends can talk without stutter also. I reenabled them one by one but can’t find which one changed what. But for now it is working. We shall see how long this last and I will update if it starts again. And yes the TS settings is still not letting me close it unless it is on default…