Beta72: Can't set MyTeamSpeak as homebase

i lost the chat room of the closed beta
also setup chat button still not working

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Did you have a set homebase?


yep, therefore you need the beta badge and version b70. It won‘t work in newer versions.

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I keep getting the “unable to set homebase” when trying to set MyTTS as homebase, it’s so annoying, i have the test / beta badge from MULTIPASS already and i tried in two different accounts already, can anyone help…

You need to install Beta 70 from TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak and then create the chat account. In the latest version the chat creation is broken.

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I’ve downloaded TS5 because a friend recommended it but I got a problem.

When I try to setup the homebase with “MyTS” I got this error:

I tried to look on the forum for similar problem with solution, but nothing works.
I do have the MULTIPASS badge.

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Please do this.


Just got TeamSpeak 5 beta installed and when setting up chat, it offers me to use “MyTeamSpeak” as homepage, however When I click on “Use myTeamSpeak” -->“Use MyTS” I do get the error message saying “Unable to set homebase”


I have uninstalled Beta 72 and downloaded and installed Beta 70 as you suggested, but the problem persists! :frowning:

You also need the beta bage on your account.
And make sure you did not restart the client after b70 install. Client will update back to beta 72.

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Ah, that explains it,I am still waiting for my beta badge.

Also thanks for the hint about the restart and auto update, I will take that into account as well!

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Use this code: MULTIPASS

thanks, got everything working now, awesome! :slight_smile:

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Afterwards you can of course update.