Better option to create Spacers

How about giving the user a better time when creating a channel? Newer Users probably don’t know how to properly create spacers etc. A simple solution would be to add some new buttons into the context menu to create channels:

Next point: Remove the [spacer] when clicking on a Channel, you already see it below Type: Spacer

  1. This create channel dialog is overloaded with a feature only a few Admins on server need at some point.
    I don’t see this as something we should add to create dialog.

  2. The second point makes the first one invalid.

Spacers do not exist!
A spacer is only a UI hack for channels where conditions must be met.

  • Channel is permanent
  • Channel has name [?Spacer#] in the beginning

You want a spacer to be a spacer and not a channel.

My honest opinion is that this has no chance to be added. At least not like this.

Only if the old way get’s replaced with a real spacer and not a channel. And in the past we had no reason to add such thing, when existing system could be used already :person_shrugging:

  1. Yes, it’s overloaded because it’s just a concept. You could make the spacername alignment only appear after spacer toggle has been set to true. You could add a new permission that includes whether the user is allowed to create spacers or not. If the user does not have this permission, it will not appear in the context menu.
  2. My second point was only for an aesthetic reason, it just looks cleaner if spacer is not included in the channel “description” in my opinion.