Hi, I am looking for a bot that will record the number of hours spent on the server in the channel description. Can someone tell me how to install this on vps and give me link for this bot

Not sure if there is a sinusbot script that does this. But there is a ranksystem that records the time spent on the server of all users.

I need smth like this
Bez tytułu

Prosze :>
[GitHub - Majcon94/TS3Bot: Darmowy BOT na serwer TS3]

I was looking for something similar for you, I think it’s this script.

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it’s good option if u use sinusbot :wink:

Moge jakis kontakt do ciebie? Discord czy coś. Nie wiem dlaczego nie potrafię tego zainstalować na vps

Yes, u can add me on [DISCORD] Dziondzio#0001
or connect to teamspeak

I personally used dis

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Hi! Can i add you on discord? i need help with this bot