Bring back the clicks!

As a PTT user, I would love to see the reintroduction of own client mic clicks. I’ve ran into a few applications (uplay, teamviewer) that will actually not allow me to use my microphone button unless TS5 is the current active application or by running TS5 as an administrator.

This can be quite annoying as I will assume I’m speaking but unfortunately my microphone is not transmitting.

If you wanted the further advance the feature, you could allow users to select custom microphone sound clicks.

Loving the client so far, keep up the hard work Teamspeak team!


Second this!
I really miss the mic click and switch back and forth between 3 and 5 depending on if I “need” the clicks.

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Any plan on bringing own mic clicks to the new TeamSpeak? I couldn’t find anything on the roadmap or on the forum.

It’s really the only feature missing for me to fully swap to it.

Thank you.

This is on our Todo list.


This please. I have been using the ts5 now and I really miss those clicks

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TeamSpeak 3 has the ability to turn the microphone sound notification on or off when the talk button is pressed, it would be great if you did the same in TS5.

It would also be great to be able to upload their own sounds, or make several presets so that the user can select a sound from a list.

Critical feature since the automatic voice detection is honestly not very good. You have to use the hybrid feature if you don’t want teamspeak to pick up a ticking clock in the background in a different room. lol

We have a relatively large community of 30+YO people many of which happen to be fathers of small children and frequently folks need to mute themselves when we play together depending on the surrounding noise. It’s been a blessing for us to be able to immediately tell when your background noise is breaking through, and instantly muting yourself, without having to wait for every other person in the room to endure your noise for some time and figure out who it’s coming from just to be able to tell you that your mic is being lit.
I’m not sure why a feature that was already implemented and working as expected would be removed, but I implore you - please make everyone’s life better and give us back this option.

P.S. maybe I’m just getting blind and can’t find the option, and if so I apologize.