Bring back the old "new" logo

Hello, I think that my opinion represents a large part of the TeamSpeak community. In my opinion, the new logo is a leap back. It doesn’t look as timeless and modern as the last logo. There was no demand for a new logo and the old one is loved by almost every TeamSpeak user.
Please bring the old logo back.

Thank you.


Please don’t project your assumptions on the entire community.
Yes the ‘old’ logo looked nice! But in my opinion it did not fit the TeamSpeak brand.


large part of the […] community the entire community

I don’t know anyone who likes the new logo. Furthermore, you only need to take a look at the Twitter comment column…

Do so yourself… It’s like 50/50

Why should they change it, while it’s rather good looking? Yeah, it has few quirks, but overall, it’s a nice logo.

Minimalism isn’t always good…

Also, did you mean this
while saying “Bring back the old logo?” (pun intended).

You say it: the logo has its quirks. The old is minimalist, modern, timeless and beautiful.
So why change?

Don’t really care about it too much. They wanted to change it, they changed it.

It might’ve been just a tad better (eg. this headset looks kinda out of place), but it’s good nonetheless.

BTW, minimalistic != modern/timeless/beautiful. Many minimalistic logos are nice, but some are somewhat uh-uh, like current M$/Windows one. Old one was aesthetically 10/10. Current one is just 4 squares and a basic Arial font or other sans-serif one.

A big no-no.

And one more example - Sony. Their logo is the same as it was since beginning. It’s just perfect and it’s not minimalistic at all. And it’s truly timeless.

Agreed, looks bad, complex and clearly based on the old TS3 logo, just no idea why they did this when they have merch, badges, this forum and EVERYTHING with the Tim logo

Then again they haven’t changed the website, forum or social media icons so… maybe this isn’t a new logo? Not sure what it is

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I never really liked the old “new” logo.

This one is way better in IMO. I asked some friends about it and they feel the same. Feels more like TeamSpeak.

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I started using TS after they rebranded, I know the new one is based on the really old one but it just feels strange and outdated to me :confused:


It was the same when the rebranded logo came around. In the beginning, not many liked it. (at least from the people I know) But after some time you get used to it and now I kinda like it, but I still prefer the now remade old logo.

But it’s kinda weird that they decide to change the logo again so frequently. Especially because they only changed it in the client and not in the forum, website, etc.

I totally agree. That “new” logo was a breath of fresh air, because TS5 client wasn’t much different from TS3. That logo made it stand out a bit. Now it just seems like a restyling of a TS3 client with couple of new features. There’s no need to hold to the past, because that hold already brought TS from top to where it is now (userbase-wise). We need new stuff and refreshing old logo that still looks outdated won’t make TS more popular.

New logo is very very good!
I like it :slight_smile:

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In the meantime I have made friends with the new logo. But I still think the old one is better. :grinning:

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Would be nice if they use the whole logo, not just the headset. I liked the “old new logo”, but honestly I prefer the new one a thousand times. However, the full logo. Not just the headset.

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