Broken Hotkey Functions

My hotkey functions are broken. Despite me having changed my hotkey for push-to-talk from R Alt to R Ctrl, R Alt still activates my push to talk when I press Alt. I need the Alt key for other stuff.

That’s not broken at all.

Your operation system interprets AltGr as you are pressing CTRL and Alt.
So you do press these keys for the client.

You may not only use key modifiers for a hotkey to get around that.


What? Please elaborate, I don’t understand.

AltGR (your R ALT) does activate R CTRL as well.
This is why pressing AltGR also activates R CTRL as hotkey.

This is by design on your operation system.

So you may not only use any of these keys (key modifiers).
Like R CTRL + R Shift OR C CTRL + Arrow Left or R CTRL + M


That sounds like horrible System Design, because as far as I’m concerned R Ctrl doesn’t even do anything normally. Do you think there’s a way to change it in my system settings?

You may ask Microsoft’s Windows support.

I did read that modifying key functions is possible but that is not a TeamSpeak topic at all and I personally would not recommend any user to do it.

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Okay, well thank you for the enlightenment about Window’s laziness. And explaining why my problem was happening. :slight_smile:

Would not call this laziness. That’s how past meets future.