[BUG] Already connected on Public Server List

When you connect to a server, the public list shows that you are already connected, after disconnecting from the server, the public list still says that you are connected.

Client Version: 5.0.0-beta77
System: Windows Server 2022



I can’t reproduce this with beta 77.

As soon i disconnect the joined status disappears.
No matter if list was opened or closed while disconnecting.


I am connected to the server via Remote Desktop Connection

Also fine with multiple server connections. Tested that.
Do not see why a Remote connection would change anything.


I tested with Version 5.0.0-beta77 and after updating to 5.0.0-beta77 and restarting the client, the same thing happens…

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I had exactly the same problem last week, now that you’ve replied here, I’ve tried again and can’t get it to work either. So it seems to have been fixed somehow. The usercount was also “frozen” on all servers last week but since today it works again.

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The user count is known that one of our services did not update.