Bug and suggestion

so i was making some test and i discovered that the key binding for the microphone (mute,toggle,unmute) was finally working and same for the away and speaker section.
You can bind both of them but there is no graphical return and you can not unbind after that.
The only way if you made a mistake is to create a new profile.

And i have 2 suggestion at least for the moment cause that bother me so much.
1 : Can you make the button “Extended server events” in toggle mode ? Like that i just have to re-click on it to back on the last window.
2 : Can you combine Channel description and channel chat like put the chat under the description or put the chat in primary window.

And i saw that when you open the file manager on a channel the default “window” for the this one will stick on that, is it possible to reset to the default window when we click another channel ?
It is more convenient since we just need to middle click to access to the file manager.

Another thing : Add option to protect desired file or folder with password.