[Bug] API Call for CLIENT_TALK_REQUEST (clientInfo) always returns false

I attempted to implement a new feature in my TeamSpeak Bot to enhance the support waiting room functionality on my server. Specifically, my goal is to automatically send a message to users if they haven’t requested talk power within one minute.

Currently, I’ve been using the flag CLIENT_TALK_REQUEST_MSG to monitor the request state, which works perfectly. However, it has a limitation – it requires a message to be included in the request; otherwise, it returns an “undefined” result.

I consistently receive a “false” result when using the CLIENT_TALK_REQUEST flag. I’ve conducted tests with both TS3 and TS5 clients, but the outcome remains unchanged.

I’m wondering if there is an alternative flag I can utilize or if there’s a different function I should invoke besides the clientInfo call to achieve this behavior. Alternatively, is it feasible for the developers to address this limitation with the CLIENT_TALK_REQUEST flag?

Is there a method which checks if the client itself has reuqested talkpower, or only if there is a message in it?

If we are talking about the PluginSDK, then you’re probably using it wrong. You need to use getClientVariableAsUInt64 to get the value.


Hey Dragonscale,
I was having a look and the only reference I found to CLIENT_TALK_REQUEST is for is not a boolean it returns a long which is related to a date this is the sample code i found

public Date getTalkRequestCreatedDate() {
	long talkRequestDate = getLong(ClientProperty.CLIENT_TALK_REQUEST);
	return talkRequestDate == 0 ? null : new Date(talkRequestDate * 1000L);