[BUG] bbcode error in channel chat [url] [/url]

We are facing issues while chatting in a channel chat, clients using v3.5.2 are sending URLs those get displayed in a v5.0.0-beta.24 client as follows, please find the attached screenshot:

I searched for this channel chat topic, but couldn’t find older ones.

Additional information: Same happens in the client-to-client chat.

Yes is is intended.
TS3 and TS5 handle links differently. The [URL] is bbcode but TS5 uses (mostly) markdown.

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So this is not a bug? If both clients are meant to communicate with each other it would be highly appreciable to have this fixed.

It’s known for a long time now and tbh doesn’t affect anything significant, it’s just cosmetic. It will be fixed eventually, but right now it’s not as important as other things.

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