[Bug] Cant copy emojis in status bar (with using theme)

Hi, I have found that when you try to copy an emoji to the status bar, it does not work:

Version: 5.0.0-beta77 • Windows

EDIT: the problem occours when using a theme


approved? cat-kitten

For me it works perfectly fine. I can paste Unicode emojis just fine. Twemojis taken from the chat are pasted as their emoji code, e.g. :detective:.

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alright, and if you go into a privat chat, select and emoji out of the gif/emoji selection click it, then just copy it STRG + C and than paste it into the status bar?

That is exactly what I did for testing and it pastes the emoji code.

alright, on my site nothing is posted as seen in the GIF ?

Works for me too.

could you send me a screen record from doing the exact same steps as me?


interesting, then it’s a layer 8 problem on my side, thx

I’m not sure, but have you checked without your theme? I doubt it but it could theoretically interfere with this.


ahh that could be, let me test.

wow thx gamer! the problems was indeed my theme, interesting thing here.