Bug Change Volume single client

When I adjust the volume of some of my friends because it is too high or vice versa to save the setting I have to close and reopen ts5, if I don’t do this and client X disconnects and reconnects in the future I have to adjust it again

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This works fine here on Beta 40.

We had such reports before(also with mute on user is reset) but could not reproduce this.


Version: 5.0.0-beta42

problem appears again

Version: 5.0.0-beta58

I’m having the same issue. Everytime i reopen the client. All volume settings for others reset.

Same problem with beta 58

We still can not reproduce this. Also asked in beta group and 4 first replies where the same.

You both could try following.

  1. Close the client and make sure you know your myTS login data

  2. Open path %appdata%\TeamSpeak\Default on your Windows

  3. Rename the settings.db file

  4. Start the client

  5. Retry.

If it still does behave like before we need more steps to reproduce.