[Bug] Client loose connection after start

My client loose the connection to the ts3 server

How to:

  1. automatically connect is on a server
  2. pc restarts and ts in autostart
  3. the client tries to connect and succeeds but loses the connection afterwards

(maybe important to mention, the server connection is established before the contacts can load at all)

I got told that this is not a TeamSpeak Bug. I have had the same problem for 2 years (with the community server) and after I talked to the Developers no one knows how to resolve it.

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I can not reproduce that here.

If it looses connection i assume network interface wasn’t ready yet and may have closed the socket the client used for the connection.


I assume that the interface is loading before the network connection is established. This is sometimes the case with my Windows.
Technical Aspects:
Autostart is enabled
Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22622.290 (ni_release)
(last time happened at Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610.1 (ni_release))

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