[Bug] Custom named Contacts do not stay saved in category

If you move a contact to a category under version: 5.0.0-beta76-rc1 - Windows, this person is not saved when you close the client.

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Hmm works for me with new or old categories in beta76-rc1.

Could it be that these are not synced and overwritten then? Priority is was synced offers, when client starts.

A second client can also force the old state this way.

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okay weird, it only happens to one specific user from my contact list

You missed to mention that this happens to contacts with custom name.

Now i can reproduce this.


hm, but i removed the “custom” name, still happens

okay, I renamed you, but it still works as it should, only with the “certain” account it does not work, there was also not handled with elements or other tools. hmm

For me this is a 100% how to in (b75 / b76-RC1).

Removing custom name won’t fix this. When custom name was used once, then a table for it is written in the myTS database. Once it is there the behavior is as reported by you.


Awesome, so its an approved?


This will be fixed in beta76-rc2 & beta 76


yes, fixed in Version: 5.0.0-beta76-rc5