[BUG] duplicate frequently used emojis

I just realized there are duplicates in my frequently used emojis.


Version: 5.0.0-beta76


Do they have the same short codes? You should see the code by hovering above the emoji (hope this was added in b76).


nope, not yet. If you remind me, where I can find the cache for that I can check it.

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Ok. Nothing to worry, will check that out in own client tomorrow.
You can chill out with :bacon:


I had the chance to check this out. I can’t reproduce this directly.

It could be that this is coming from an old bug where counting these was broken and now you got 2 numbers for these in your client.

Or it’s something new we need a way to reproduce somehow.

Don’t remember the exact file in TS Chat where these are cached. This needs to wait for tomorrow.


Cache for these can be found in Session Storage.

In Dev console you can find the values under


Local storage > tsui://default


Here my client had broken negative values and also a undefined.

You may find lot more broken and undefined emojis from and older client.
In that case we suggest to clear that cache folder or remove all entries in Dev console.


I also have one emoji double listed in frequently used emojis

And dev console says???

Start client with parameter


Then take a webbrowser and open URL localhost:1234


So there are duplicate entries with different shortcodes.

clown: 7
clown_face: 12

I fail to reproduce this in beta 76.

We think this may be caused

  • by older ts chat client where reaction had different short code and your client cliced on it. (but can not reproduce this
  • with entries from beta 69 (or older)

We suggest to clean the Cache as mentioned in that case.


For me it is

  "+1": 34,
  "grinning": 17,
  "kissing_heart": 11,
  "heart_eyes": 7,
  "laughing": 7,
  "stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye": 6,
  "sweat_smile": 8,
  "joy": 11,
  "scream": 7,
  "pleading_face": 3,
  "shushing_face": 2,
  "rolling_on_the_floor_laughing": 4,
  "sob": 2,
  "pensive": 3,
  "x": 6,
  "heart": 22,
  "blue_heart": 1,
  "green_heart": 1,
  "orange_heart": 1,
  "yellow_heart": 1,
  "purple_heart": 1,
  "white_heart": 1,
  "sparkling_heart": 3,
  "revolving_hearts": 1,
  "face_with_raised_eyebrow": 2,
  "point_up_2": 14,
  "eyes": 4,
  "meat_on_bone": 1,
  "cut_of_meat": 1,
  "poultry_leg": 1,
  "bacon": 5,
  "hamburger": 1,
  "thinking_face": 4,
  "smirk": 2,
  "zero": 1,
  "wave": 10,
  "de": 2,
  "two": 2,
  "-1": 2,
  "turtle": 1,
  "snail": 1,
  "flag-england": 1,
  "lying_face": 3,
  "neutral_face": 1,
  "brain": 1,
  "face_vomiting": 1,
  "red_circle": 2,
  "large_blue_circle": 2,
  "dagger_knife": 2,
  "disguised_face": 1,
  "question": 13,
  "spiral_note_pad": 1,
  "clipboard": 1,
  "facepunch": 1,
  "wink": 1,
  "alien": 1,
  "muscle": 1,
  "salt": 5,
  "ok": 4,
  "tada": 1,
  "clinking_glasses": 3,
  "champagne": 1,
  "confetti_ball": 1,
  "monkey": 1,
  "undefined": 58,
  "regional_indicator_t": 3,
  "regional_indicator_h": 2,
  "regional_indicator_i": 1,
  "regional_indicator_s": 1,
  "regional_indicator_w": 3,
  "regional_indicator_o": 1,
  "check_mark_button": 1,
  "loudly_crying_face": 1,
  "pleading": 2,
  "thinking": 2,
  "regional_indicator_x": 1,
  "black_heart": 1,
  "regional_indicator_f": 3,
  "dancers": 1,
  "hooray": 1,
  "disappointed_relieved": 1,
  "face_with_open_eyes_hand_over_mouth": 1,
  "grinning_face_with_sweat": 3,
  "do_not_litter": 1,
  "white_flag": 1,
  "regional_indicator_e": 1,
  "regional_indicator_l": 1,
  "regional_indicator_p": 1,
  "high_five": 1,
  "salute": 1,
  "blowing_a_kiss": 1

I gotta say I really like my 58 uses of undefined :​P

You also need the --remote-allow-origins parameter, don’t you?

This may be a temporary fix but wouldn’t it be better if the client filtered the list on startup to ensure only valid entries exist?



If its a bug from the past then NO.

If it’s reproducible with latest client Maybe, but I’m checking that at the moment.