Bug - Escape character not added to "Default Channel" name

When creating a bookmark and entering a “Default Channel” name that contains a “/” character for example, the escape character “” is automatically added when saving the bookmark.

However, the “” escape character doesn’t get added when entering a “Default Channel” name that contains a “/” character under the “Connections > Connect” section, and so when trying to connect to the default channel specified, it fails.

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From what I remember and experienced, slashes in channel/sub-channel/spacer names when used as Default Channel don’t work only in TS5. In TS3 they work fine (unless it changed from beta 3.5.0, as that’s the last version I used).

So, are you talking about TS3 or TS5? If TS3, then it’s a new bug. If TS5, then Devs know about it for some time by now.

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I think its TeamSpeak 5

Yeah, me too, but as it was put in ”General Discussion” topic bag, it might not be what we think :slight_smile:

I should have specified; this is in TS3.

Also, it will work under “Connections > Connect” if the user types in the escape character manually, but this should be done automatically.