[BUG] How to break the chat

I found a reliable way to break the virtual scroller in the chat! :partying_face:

The results can vary from completely hidden messages over cut-off messages to simply reordered messages. I only tested this on chats using the TeamSpeak protocol (TS3 server or the latest non-public TS5 native server).


How to reproduce:

  1. Receive a message at a specific time.
  2. Have the system time changed to an earlier time
  3. Receive another message at a time earlier than the previous message.
  4. Notice there is no message as it is hidden behind the previous one.

I noticed this when it happened because Windows synchronized the time using NTP for the first time after installation.

Version: 5.0.0-beta76


Please try again with next beta.

We did a similar thing yesterday but only for a timestamp fix and nothing like that happened.


So it does work, but it shows messages from the future.



This was declared to me as the desired behavior. This was the test we made yesterday.

So not a bug afaik.