Bug(?): I cannot add Members to Groups even though I have enough power


for a few weeks now I have the bug, that I cannot add members to groups.
I attached a picture of all(?) needed permission information.
I’d say I have enough power to add people to the groups but I somehow can only add people to a certain group (Semi Noob) all other groups are greyed out and doesn’t even show up on rightclick->Set Server Group

Can anyone help me? Do you see a problem with the permissions?

Semi Noob has no Member Add Power and Needed Power of 50

You did not set the Skip flag on your client permissions and now all channels or channel groups overwrite your add power.

The bug is that the overview shows the wrong end result when Add power in client permission does not have a skip while a server group has. We are aware of that.

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Thanks! Adding the skip flag to the add and remove power fixed it.
But I still do not understand why.
Shouldn’t the highest power overwrite all the other powers?
Why was my add power only 50 even though I am in a group that has add power 75?

Should I put a skip flag on all permissions of the Server Admin Group?

Only when both permissions come from the same type of group.

Your channel admin had 50 and you did not set skip on the client permission for the member add power.
No skip = chanel group or channels where the permission is set will overwrite client permissions.

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Thanks! Didn’t know the TeamSpeak Support Team is so helpfull. Definitely faster reply time than most other Support Teams! <3

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You are welcome here. Feel free to ask Questions. :slight_smile: