[BUG] Invalid Audio Profiles after Windows Update

I have to fix my audio profiles in TeamSpeak after every major Windows update.
It’s such a pain in the …


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But that’s not a bug. A new device identifier will be used each time Windows decides to update/re install drivers. So you may use default device and setup to use your device as default.

So for the client it will be a new device. We changed that in an upcoming update, but with virtual devices the magic won’t help.

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It’s not a bug for you :upside_down_face:
I don’t have virtual devices but it still doesn’t work… maybe only considered in TS5?
If the device ID no longer exists but new devices are found, then matching by name would be an idea?

It’s no bug. Client was build to check for that ID and in case it changed it is another device.

means it is not yet available for ts3

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