[Bug][macOS] No chat connection on TS5 servers


as the title suggests, I have found a problem with the TeamSpeak 5 client on macOS (beta-70).
When I connect to a TeamSpeak 5 Server (e.g. beta.voice.teamspeak.com), my client does not connect to the FileTransfer- and Matrix-Services. As a result, some icons and banners aren’t loading and I am disconnected from the Matrix-Chat of the TeamSpeak 5 Server. (You can see on the screenshot below that there is only one connection to the main chat service)

Sometimes it connects like 10 minutes after I connected to the server, sometimes it does not connect at all. I’ve tried this on two different Systems (An Intel Mac running macOS Monterey 12.6 and an M1 Mac running the latest macOS Ventura 13.0 Beta) and the results are the same. On Windows + Linux the problem does not happen, only on macOS.

Also, when I disconnect from the server while the Filetransfer/Matrix-Chat is not connected and then immediately try to close TeamSpeak, the following message appears:

If you need additional information, feel free to ask me.
Sincerely, Dunkelmann

EDIT: I know that my client at least attemts to connect, because I connected to the server then disconnected (this should have been “Connection 2”) and then connected again. After some time, I got connected to the Matrix chat as “Connection 3”. If it hadn’t attempted to connect, this connection would have been “Connection 2”.


This is a known issue where "Well known file " can not be loaded. On MacOS this happens more often than Linux or Windows

In beta 71 this issue will be resolved (no release date yet).

Please deactivate debug mode as long we don’t ask to use it!


Ok, thank you very much!

Please deactivate debug mode as long we don’t ask to use it!

No worries, I was just trying to see what was going on since the chat didn’t work. Now I don’t need it anymore.

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