[BUG] Mute Symbol stays Blue

When connected to multiple servers and muting via the top icons and then unmuting using right click on the server, the icon in the top bar stays blue. Tested in 5.0.0-beta74 and 5.0.0-beta75-rc13.



@TS.ChrisR in case you missed this, this bug still persists in the current alpha (beta76-rc5).


Not a bug. This is per design.

Icon with Red Line in it means muted on selected server.
While just the blue icon means not muted on selected server.

Just switch tabs and you will see the difference per server.


Well, what is the difference between blue and white then?
Cause normally when unmuting via the button or a hotkey it turns just white.

White: Local server status

White tells you are not muted anywhere.
White + red line tells you are muted on this server only (needs pressing mute in activity or sub menu).

Blue: Global server status

Blue tells you are still muted on other servers.
Blue + red line tells you you are muted on this server.

Toogle, Mute and Unmute hotkey behave as you would’ve pressed the big button to mute and unmute on all servers at the same time.

While using the sub menu of the top button behave as you would mute/unmute in server activity.


Then it is still not behaving as intended. I just alt-clicked to mute on one server and when switching to another tab it shows just a white icon.

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This is not wrong.

You missed to press the big button for global mute or the hotkey in first place (the report about the whole thread is about).

Edited my post above for more clarification