BUG: Mute Toggle on Windows Hello Prompt [1Password]

I would expect that it only mutes you but it just toggles the mute status, which means you get unmute if the prompt is active and mutes you again if it is finished

In beta 72 I can reproduce the mute and unmute happens but no toggle while Windows (10 or 11) is locked.

As is expected.

– sry was wrong account :slight_smile:

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I can send you a video it is very easy to reproduce for me but hard to explain



Ok I think it is a 1Password Specific Problem I send you a video

Could it be that you have hotkeys set and while you type your pin or password the same keys are recognized in the client?

That would explain why client tried to whisper each time.

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No I reset my windows yesterday. I don’t have any hotkey tools and my windows hello pin is very simple (only numbers). I can also just type my pin and it doesnt affect anything. The sounds only appear when I enter the 1Password Windows Hello Dialog.

Ah ok, in my whisper to list hotkey was a very strange entry that did not even correspond to a keyboard key. I removed that and now it works fine. Strange how software sometimes works. I guess it downloaded a corrupted setting from the cloud.

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