[BUG] My microphone is crackling! [BUG]

Good evening I spotted a bug with my sound card and my microphone. The problem is that when I join a server via ts3 or ts5 I sizzle. Could you fix this or help me on this kind of problem. THANK YOU!
Microphone : rode NT1-A
card sound : Behinger U-phoria UMC22
Link problem (sorry for my voice broken and french lol) : TEAMSPEAK BUG MICROPHONE testing #1 - YouTube

Have the exact same mic and had the same problem. Unfortunately I know that it is not only a problem of ts, but behringer mishpults have this “crizzln” out of the box, you could turn down the quality of your mics as shown in the BIld, especially since the audio volume of your mics should not be above 55.


→ However, it still happens that my mic occasionally starts to “overdrive” under Teamspeak under other media this is not the problem, I assume that the rate is too high/low for ts.

Edit: just listened to your video and can indicate that your mic is set too loud, you should definitely keep your mic below 60% under windows if you use the Rode

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it’s me who advises him on this material,
I also have a rode but my sound card is: Focusrite Scralett 2i4 2gen and no worries on my side even with my microphone at more than 60% on windows.



Hello. Thank you verry much ! ^^ hehe

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