Bug or error?

I have a problem with the badge menu. Badges do not appear. I have a synchronized identity. Reinstalling the application and logging out did not help. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Firstly, check on myteamspeak.com if you have badges there (this might sound silly, but yeah, try this).

If yes, check if you logged in to correct account.

If yes, then there might be a problem while connecting to myTS servers ATM so try again later.

Additionally, have you had some badges set previously?

I have been trying for several months. I have 13 badge.

On screenshot you provided, you don’t have ”Stay logged in on this computer” checked on.

Maybe for some bizarre reason it automatically logged out you from myTS servers…

…but you’re saying you have this problem for months now :confused:

One (two) more question(s): Had it ever worked before? Or haven’t you been able to set badges in the past?