[Bug-Report] File uppload

Hi! just found a new bug i’m from sweden and just tried to upload a file the my server but realized that if i have å,ä or ö in the file name the ts 5 client just shuts down.

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Might I ask which server version and how you are uploading the file? I just tested it and for me, it seems to work just fine using both the file picker and drag and drop - at least on a server version v5.0.0-beta14-rc16 and a client version 5.0.0-beta77 on Windows.

Where did u find your server version? i have 3.13.7 the one you can downloads from teamspeaks website

Then it seems to only crash on native TS Servers. I tried it on v5.0.0-beta15-rc2 and it also crashed.

The version @Gamer92000 is using had a different file system than the normal TS Servers. The one I tested on is using the old system again. The never Server versions are in testing phase and not released to public yet.


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The following English content is from Baidu Translate
When I transfer files to the channel, if the file name is Chinese or contains Chinese, the software will crash and crash
But when I change the file name to pure English or pure numbers, it can be uploaded and downloaded normally
I will modify the uploaded file (pure English or pure numbers) to Chinese so that it will not crash

It seems like all special characters are causing a crash.

Thank you very much for your reply. I just went for a test and found that using Chinese alone can cause the software to crash
For example, if I name a 16 * 16 PNG image A, it can be uploaded
When I change this A to “微信图片”, it will flash back

版本: 5.0.0-beta77
构建日期:2023/12/12 19:58:52
Chromium 版本:117.0.5938.150

We can reproduce this crash. Thank you for reporting(s).