Bug Report New Teamspeak

The new TeamSpeak have a problem, when you connect to another Teamspeak Server or Discord private call, the voice disconnect automatically and you can´t enable it again, for reconnect the voice you need restart de New Teamspeak.

Thanks Teamspeak Team for your attention.


Hello again TeamSpeak Team, im browsing bugs in the new TeamSpeak and I have found a new bug,
does not allow sending images in any chat or server.

I found another bug but in the forum, in this image you can see that there is no vision of the icons in the part of the creation of publications.

Thanks for the attention, any questions here I am.

Please do not create a collection thread for bug reports. Important things get lost and people will not reply when threads become longer.

First report:
Any way to reproduce (i mean your how to does not work)? Or pictures OR or Hardware or Operation system etc.?

Second report:
Not a bug. The client has no way yet to upload anything to a server. Only works in messenger.

Third report:
Unblock the blocked elements in your browser or use another brwoser.
Tested Firefox, Chrome and Edge and they all work fine.

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