[Bug-Report] Resorting of the Favoritlist isn't Possible

Hey Guys,
i just want to Inform you that its not Possible to Sort the Favoritelist in TS5.
Look at the GIF to see what i mean.


I use Windows 10 x64 and the bug is some versions old. It worked one day and some Updates later it was broke, now i report it because no one else did.

Im happy to hear from you guys :slight_smile:

Bye and have a good one!

Cant confirm that, seems to be working fine here. :slight_smile:

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Yes that is something that is on the list, but not a high priority. Also it is hard to reproduce that.

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Sure, was not expecting to be highest prio xD
I know it could be hard to reproduce, is there some logs or stuff I clould provide :?

Nah I don’t think that logs help to reproduce it.

Unfortunately it’s random and hard to reproduce unless you happen to have the issue.

(thats a quote from the answer that I got)

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do not know how old your answer is but meanwhile…
We have an easy way to reproduce this. But other things still have priority for the moment.


I got it ~1 day ago in relation to random Bookmark movement.