[Bug / Suggestion] Pushing and holding down hotkey to execute specific action

In Teamspeak 3 there were a lot of possibilities to utilize hotkeys for certain actions.
For example, I have set up a hotkey for muting my microphone, but only for the duration the key “V” is held down. “V” is also used in-game for push-to-talk, which has the positive effect, that my friends do not receive two voice transmissions when I speak in-game. In Teamspeak 3 this was easy to setup and worked very reliably by binding the “switch microphone status” to the specific key twice, once for pressing and once for releasing it.

In the new teamspeak client I have set up something comparable by assigning the “V” key twice to the “Microphone - Toggle” option under “Key Bindings”. However, this does not work as reliable as it did with Teamspeak 3. Sometimes I stay muted after speaking in-game and usually don’t even notice it, which is very annoying.

I am not sure if there is a point in fixing that “bug” but rather to introduce a hotkey feature like it was implemented in TS3. In any case I would really appreciate having this feature working reliably!

In the new TeamSpeak client you set Push-To-Mute as hotkey to get the result (In TS3 it was local mic mute).

No idea how to make the button sometimes not to work hmm. Any how to for this?

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Push-To-Mute seems to have no effect at all somehow.

But I noticed something different just now. Setting up the “V” key twice for Toggling the microphone in the new teamspeak client is no different to setting it up once. The reason why it works for me at all is because I set it up in TS3, synchronized it with my profile and it got imported into the new client. And that is the only way for me to make it work at the moment.

For clarification two screenshots:
First - hotkeys created in TS3 and then imported into the new TS (which works reliably in TS3 and 90% of the time in the new TS client):

Second - recreating the same in the new TS client and trying to import that into TS3 (does not work - is muting the microphone until the key is pressed a second time and has no effect at all in TS3):

To conclude: The new TS client is missing an option that certain actions are triggered upon release of a specific key. I mean it obviously is already able to do that but the user cannot create or modify it.

Any idea why push-to-mute does not work for me? It just doesn’t do anything when pressing the assigned key…

I was wrong about the Push-To-Mute feature. I was expecting some indication that the Mic is switched off, but I just noticed that the Mic is muted nevertheless.
This then solves my issue, but I still think a visual indication that the mic is muted would be nice.
However, I still miss the old hotkey features that had so many possibilities, even if it’s not neccessary for my particular use-case :wink:

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