[BUG] TeamSpeak Client brakes sound device

This bug only occurs when using a Bluetooth headset in the native Linux version. Running the windows version over wine runs fine. When joining a server or starting microphone test in options (so when teamspeak is trying to record audio), Teamspeak takes over the entire system audio. Other system sounds playing are silenced but Teamspeak sounds itself are also silent. The microphone also doesn’t work. It seems to reinitialize the audio device used because in the device list it changes the name and adds it as a new audio input.

I can provide more info and logs depending on what is needed.

Reproductions steps:

  1. Connect a Bluetooth headset
  2. Set it as default audio output
  3. Start TeamSpeak Client 3 or 5
  4. Connect to a server
    → Result: No sound anymore
    To fix it: Disconnect from server or close TeamSpeak Client

System setup:
OS: ArtixLinux amd64 5.18.3-zen
Sound: PipeWire with Wireplumber

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