[BUG] When selecting Emoji category, it won't automatically scroll to the correct emojis

---- HW/SW Information ----

OS: Windows 10 Education
OS Version: 20H2
OS Build: 19042.1165
TS Client Version: 5.0.0-beta65.1
Build #: 1632399768
Build Date: 9/23/2021, 7:22:48 AM
Chromium Version: 93.0.4577.63

---- Steps to reproduce ----

  1. Join any chat room.
  2. Click on the gif/emoji button at the bottom right between the attack files and send button.
  3. Click on any of the categories. Should be the very first row under the Emoji Icon and “GIF”.
  4. It will barely move down. If you repeatedly click on the category. It will keep moving down but barely after every click. It will also do the same thing going up as well. When clicking on a category that you already scroll past.

---- Images ----

  1. This first image is showing the GIF/Emoji Menu/Screen. Before I click on any categories.
  2. This second image is when I’m about to click on “Travel & Places”.
  3. This third image is after I click on “Travel & Places”. Notice how it barely moved down and did not scroll to the appropriate category.
  4. This fourth image is just showing how to get to the GIF/Emoji Menu/Screen.

---- Extra Notes ----
I’m not sure if this is a bug or it’s not implemented and we need to add a feature request. But I assume that you can also type in what kind of emoji you want to use, where it shows “Frequently Used”. For example, if I were to put an emoji for “silence” and for whatever reason. I just can’t seem to find the Emoji with the zipper on its mouth or the other emoji doing the shush with a finger in front of its mouth. I should be able to just type silence/quiet and it shows all the emojis that are related to it.

It’s not anything important but I figured if there’s an input box, might as well let us use it. :smiley:

We can not reproduce this bug. The list scrolls to the position we expect when clicking the category icon.

With a : in chat input you can search for emojis. This forum works the same btw


That’s neat. I didn’t know about typing in the chat to search for emojis. As for the scrolling for the category. I just logged back in and it’s still doing it. I have a spare laptop somewhere in my room. I’ll try doing a fresh install of windows and do some more testing to see why it’s only affecting me.