[BUG] White Border around app

On start the TS5 Beta has a White Border on Multimonitor Systems. After Resizing it to a window and Maximizing the White Border will be gone.

Version: 5.0.0-beta59
Build Number: 1625645480
Build Date: 7.7.2021, 10:11:20
Chromium Version: 91.0.4472.114

It’s fine here.

Was this fine before beta 59?
After using Google (white bar at top of …): i found that this seems be an issue, that happens white often on Intel Graphics Cards. Mostly a configuration must be changed.


The Problem exist since the release of the TS5 Beta. Graphics Card is an Nvidia GTX 1080.
The White Bar on the right of the Window is mostly the Problem. The Top Border is outside the display and isnt visible.

So this problem is old. Never saw any report for this.

Do you use any Desktop Tool to manage your multi monitor setup?
I have no clue what else this could trigger.


I got No Desktop tool running. This White border is also only on TS5. Every other Programm is fine.