Bugreport channel move

Hello dear Teamspeak-team,

I found an optical bug:

do not forget to fix this other bugs i found:

TeamSpeak - Official TeamSpeak Community Forum! (look in replies i added more details)

i would be happy about the BugCatcher Badge :wink:

Greetings PhoenixmitX

Thanks I can reproduce this and will forward the issue.

  • The bug with the ban will be fixed in the upcoming beta
  • The other thing i do not know what this is about
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can you please forward it to a german team member?

Ist ja nicht so, dass ich deinen Text dort nicht verstehe ;D
Aber der Inhalt des ganzen Threads is so mixed up etc.

Back to english:

  • Black screen is a known issue. Right-click may fix that as temporary solution.
  • Have no idea how to reproduce or what to do your identity report

P.s all these other things should not be part of this thread since the topic is a UI / channel move bug


This badge together with the idea badge are currently not available :wink:

When are thease badges available?

Only TeamSpeak knows for sure…

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