[Bugs] Message Selection & change Profile Picture

When you select a message it starts selecting it at the end of the message. If the message is two rows long it starts at the start.

-> https://streamable.com/4dz9de

Since the last Update my Profile Picture was broken so I set it again:

I first uploaded my Picture but it showed the wrong clipping of the picture so I deleted the File, downloaded the original from Google Photos (with the same name) and it still showed the same picture clipping.

I needed to restart the Client in order to get the clipping updated.

That’s a common behavior if you move your mouse into some HTML elements; not all.
Holding mouse one and moving the cursor into the element will select the content from right.
You can reproduce this in your browser as well; it will happen on table elements for example.

I don’t think this can be fixed but who knows.

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