Can I change the color of the "circle" icon?


Is there any possible way for me to change the color of the “circle” icon which indicates if someone is talking or not?

I saw someone who had this icon in orange color and it looked cool, so I came to ask if it’s somehow possible to change the color.

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It’s possible indeed. First of all the client you saw probably was a Channel commander. The speaking colour is yellow thought, the non-speaking colour would be orange.
The second solution would be using either a custom icon pack. That requires a bit of work, but still should be doable.

  • head to the installation folder of \TeamSpeak 3 Client\gfx,
  • copy the icon pack you use (most likely either or,
  • paste it into %AppData%\TS3Client\gfx,
  • unpack the zip file into the folder,
  • rename the folder into something easily rememberable,
  • open the unzipped folder, and either
    • rename player_commander_off.svg into player_off.svg and player_commander_on.svg into player_on.svg / do the same vice versa (requires a bit of shuffling work), or
    • recolour player_off.svg and player_on.svg to your liking (requires editing software that supports svg files)
  • Start TeamSpeak, open Options, head to Design, and choose the newly created Icon Pack under Icon Pack.

Thank you so much!

I have tried:

  • - but it didn’t work

so I tried:

  • - and it worked!

I just wanna say that I really appreciate your help and thanks for your time.

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With next client update your change is gone again.

You must use your own icon pack which has to be in your config folder. Or copy your changed default mono to the location and use it from there.