Can i modify the "client_totalconnections" somehow?

Hello Teamspeakcommunity,

i have a small problem with my Userdatabase in Teamspeak. If i log into my Serverquery Account and search for my personal Dataset with the Querycommand : " clientdbinfo cldbid=XXXXX ".
The output displayed some really high values which didnt make any sense to me.

For example :

I dont really get why are these are so high, but can i modify this back to normal values somehow?

Thanks for your Help!

These “high” values are unix timestamps.
It’s basically the amount of seconds since 1970-01-01.

If you want to convert them manually, visit

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Thanks for your fast and helpful reply,
can i modify these timestamps somehow without editing the whole TS3 Database? If so, how can i modify it then?

Nope, you can’t edit those values without editing the database.

I don’t see any reason why you should edit them anyway.
But if you wan’t to whatever the reason is, you have to update the values in the database.

Be warned!
Editing the database yourself it not what TeamSpeak supports.
Your server has to be offline if you wan’t to edit the database.

You can find these values in the tables clients and client_properties.

If you wan’t to generate a timestamp yourself visit the mentioned website, type in the date and time and press generate.
Update the value you need to update and start your server again.


Btw. I think that’s a mistake on your side.
The number of the user’s total connections is not a timestamp.

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