Can i use FTP?

good night i would like to know if with the new teamspeak if we can access the free server via FTP?

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Not yet.

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Ok, then its just wait :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks m8

Two questions?
1st: Why the plugin tag?
2nd: It’s just a TeamSpeak server so how would you want to connect via FTP?

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1 - plugin I’m wrong sorry.

2 - why I have my old server saved and I wanted to put all the information from my old server there to facilitate a little work.

But you know that even if it was possible, the possibility of losing it at any time are quite large?

Additionally, it’s just a very basic and most importantly free server just for testing. It doesn’t even have “normal” number of user slots, so why even bother?

yes i know all that you said you are right, but if it is to test, why not ?? can it seem like a mistake or something can help too?
not for testing? It is and what I am doing testing everything by checking everything and seeing what is new.
I know that I’m going to lose everything for that and that I asked if I had FTP so I moved all of my rooms there.
At the moment I’m testing the new teamspeak with 4 friends and I have a teamspeak server somewhere where the rest of the staff is.

OK, but is it really necessary to have, tbh, a full backup of a server just to test new things? Why not just start this free server from the very beginning just in case something will be done differently? :confused:

I’m not negating your point of view. I only want to know your opinion on this “subject” and why do you think your way is, in your eyes, better.

Have a nice day/night/whatever is right now where you live. Cheers!

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I understand, I will start from scratch and test all the features of the new teamspeak, however I wanted to test put all my things there to see if it was all ok if there was no problem too, and to test and out of curiosity just for that . I’m from Portugal here and at night at this hour.

A big hug, continuation of a good day or a good night. :rofl: :upside_down_face:

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