Can I use Teamspeak on my business VoIP phones?


Okay I’ve used Teamspeak on a VPS for personal use, but now I need to look for a business phone solution for my business. I have no idea if Teamspeak counts as VoIP, or if I can use it on office phone devices (like old fashion desk phones). Anyone tried anything like this?

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I think if you’ll configure the input and output correctly it should work as the telephones are just inputs and outputs as an headset.

Not sure how you will do the channel moving stuff but in terms of audio transmission it should work.

Or do these phones have their own operating systems?

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Hmm… Interesting question. As @LeonMarcelHD said what operating system does that phone have?

Well, the phones are CISCO, and they seem to be too crude to have an OS. Maybe a firmware? I got this CRM, RunSensible, that had a native business phone, and they gave me some instructions and numbers to enter into the desk phones. Apparently they use SIP?

I don’t think that TeamSpeak supports the SIP Protocol…

And the most phones using SIP for VoIP.

So there’s no chance to use TeamSpeak direct in your Phone.

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