Can IP address be hidden via Cloudflare?

Hello, Can IP address be hidden via Cloudflare? If someone wants to look up the ip address via YatQA, is it possible to show the Cloudflare ip address as 104.xx? Or can another ip address be shown?


Please take have a look into this Forum Thread from Cloudflare. You will find an How-to.

This has nothing to do with what I said. This shows binding an ip address to a Domain

You mean it with your Client IP Adress?

No I’m asking to hide the server address.

You can’t hide server address.
When someone connects to your server via DNS, they can always look in the log to see what your server’s IP is.

But if you want to hide the real IP address from your server and want them to connect via another IP address “fake one”, look at the link that @Rikku sent you.

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