Can not change my Nickname

That’s basically the same thing.

Any forecast for launching this function?

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It says that to a username that is random

Why this function is available if you can’t use it?

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(don’t take it in a sarcastically)
There are/were technical reasons we had to disable it and actually even to display a slightly wrong error message (I think that’s what confuses users the most).


I dont know if it is a real Bug but i cant change my TeamSpeak Username. Even if i type in “fewferighehgth” it shows “Invalid username provided”.

Thank you!


its currently deactivtated, the function.

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Okay, thank you!

I’m trying to change my myTeamSpeak username, but if I want to change it there come a message “Invalid username provided” and I had tryied with random names but every name is Invalid.

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This is currently disabled.

(my guess: because of problems with the matrix server for the new TS 5 client)

Oh, but thanks.

Hi, I wanted to know why I couldn’t change the name on the teamspeak beta

It’s currently not possible to change the name. In the Future may it will be possible to change your nickname.

Thank you for your patient.

What is the sense of the “change username” feature in ts5 if all i get is “invalid username provided” no matter what i enter?

Maybe you found a “Bug” :smiley:

That‘s no bug. It‘s currently disabled.


When are they going to enable it?

It’s not yet known when it will be possible to change your nickname again.