Can Not connect to a server

attempting to connect to my clans server and i am getting this error code <09:17:04> Disconnected from server (the time difference between server and client is too large) Not sure what this means I was connected to it last night but now it is not connecting. I have re installed TS alrready but it is still not working. How can i fix this

It means that either you or server has inaccurate time set. Check your time and time zone on computer and if it’s correct, contact server owner so he can check server’s clock.

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its on my standard time zone of eastern canada/atlantic this was the same last night too

Was this screenshot taken 7-8 minutes ago? Cause if yes, then well, something not right, as from my calculations, there should be ~21:30-22:30 right now. PM, not AM as on there.

i do see this now.

changed the clock to say PM and it still will not connect

i see now my date was also off

So, after changing time and date, is it working?

issue is now resolved. i greatly appreciate your help

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No problem :smiley:

on a off TS topic question since you seem smart, what would cause the date/timestamp of a CPU to be that far out of wack

Since Windows uses multiple servers to check time, maybe the one that your computer was connected to went out of sync somehow. But getting off by exact 12 hours?
Even for me it’s weird, as it only happened to me when I tinkered with multiple OS images some time ago, but even then I was off by an hour.

But I might be wrong, cause here where I currently am is near 4AM and I’m sitting solely to go to work at night so I’m not quite thinking now :smiley:

Usually the time is stored in hardware clock powered by a small battery on the mainboard. If this battery is discharged the time is lost every time you reboot. However Windows should still get the correct time from the servers.

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You’re right, but why in this case it was off by exact 12 hours to (at least I think) the second? That’s the question here…

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thats why i wonder if i have a harddrive issue or something

HDD/SSD has nothing to do with time keeping. It would be good however to check if CR2032 battery on your motherboard is good or not, but remember that when you yank it out of your MoBo, you would need to set your time again.

But also you can simply turn off your computer, unplug it from wall (or hit the switch on back), leave it for few minutes and then turn it on and go into BIOS to check if time is right. If it is, it is (or was) software issue. If not, you should replace battery.

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