Can not connect to other servers

When I create a brand new TS server I can get in like normal, however, my brother can not get in to the server. It is not like a big community server, it’s just for me and my brother to chill on voice and play video games. We also live in the same household, and 2 other WiFi connections. I tried everything, like port forwarding, switching networks, restarting, but nothing works. If you need a log, reply. Also this server is not rented. I am new to Teamspeak, and I have no idea how things work on here, I come from Discord.
Can I get some help?

So it’s a localhost server…

  1. Are you fully connected to your internet?
  2. Is the TeamSpeak port not blocked on your firewall? (default port: 9987)
    Make sure that the other WiFi connection has no restrictions as well.

Otherwise then… I’d like to see a log while trying to help you further. ^^

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