Can not scroll down in TS3 chat

I can not scroll deep enough to read the message

Is this in beta 71 and a custom theme is active?

Please try with one of the default themes. Al lot in UI has changed

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its beta 71
and no custom theme

I fail to reproduce this here.

Is this only in one of your chats or more any idea what happened before?

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I’m still trying to find out what triggers this display bug, what I found out is that the bug only appears in chats with TS3 clients and also only in private chats when the TS3 user writes me first (no matter if with or without chat history), but only sometimes.

The only way I currently know to replicate the bug is to delete the teamspeak folder from the %appdata% folder. I can also send you a video via DM how I replicate the bug

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