Can not use teamspeak at all

we cannot enter team speak app from ukraine

Almost 10 days ago disconnetted from my server. after it i can not connect any team speak server. My brother too living in ukraine at same time he’s disconnected and he have same problem with me.
when i want enter any ts 3 adress there writing: Failed to connect to server

chancing my ip with turkey than can enter. firstly i will answer i did not get bann from any server.

anyone can help me or explain how can solve this problem

So topic is not what you describe in here.

Make sure your provider allows Voice software or connections to UDP or that the target host does not have your country or IP blocked.

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in our team at same time disconnected 3 person and cannot enter around 10 days. İf its about my ip or with my computer. they should log in. They cannot too .

ı cannot enter any team speak server not only mine. if you can give any server ip i can try enter your team speak and can share from here screenshot than maybe will be clear :slight_smile:

As others have said, that suggests it’s your service provider or router.

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like i said in our team disconnected 3 person one of them living from different country. if problem with my provider why they have same problem ? with this provider i used this team speak almost 2 years

yes server is running im sure my friends now on server.

Dont know which OS i can learn it

İf you give me any server adress i can try to enter. And can send screenshot… İ trying to explain problem not only about my server. if you need pass can give it too

Sorry to disturb you, but wouldn’t it be better to send such sensitive data with a private message?


thanks for inform but really im bored about this problem :slight_smile: Thats why i sending for solve this problem

An info you can see the edit :wink:

His personal IP adress is a sensitiv data :wink:
But I dont want to disturb your helping process, sorry.

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what is ohv or vserver dont know i can give adress from here rented