Can only connect to my server with IP

If I’m connected to my local network, the mobile client can’t resolve any domain names I can only connect to the IP of my server.
In my network I’m blocking port 53 udp for all hosts except for my router.

Did you try to reconnect your mobile device to your LAN?
Take a look at the internet specifications which DNS resolver is set in your mobile device while being connected to your LAN.
(available on Android and iOS)

If you started to block other DNS resolvers recently your connected devices may not have acknowledged the “new” DNS resolver yet.

If so reconnect your device or restart it.

If this doesn’t work you will need to provide more details, e.g. about the device etc.

My phone can resolve the name of all servers I have in my list. The Teamspeak app says that it cannot resolve the hostname. If I allow dns requests from all hosts, the app immediately works correctly.
It seems like the app forces to use a specific dns resolver instead of the one I configured in my phone, but in the app I can’t find an option responsible for this.
I use a LG V40, Android 10 with the newest stable version of the app.
I have the problem since I use the app (a few months)

Hmm that’s indeed a weird behavior.
I’m using a different DNS resolver myself, too blocking most clients from using different ones.

In my case this works well with TeamSpeak, too.

There are apps and especially IoT devices out there making trouble if they can’t use their own known resolvers to “call their home”.
But I’m not aware of TeamSpeak having issues, too.

Unfortunately I cant test this to reproduce this or not.

Could you take a look at the client logs of your Android app?
Instead of iOS, Android should be able to access the local system storage.

You may wanna post the log in here.

Just to make sure, how did you test if your mobile device can resolve your DNS name?
Using an app or… ?

I can access the system folder of my device, but I can’t find any teamspeak logs in there. In the internal storage is a TS3 folder but with no content.

On my server I also have an apache and a ssh server running. I can open the webpage and connect via ssh with my phone by using the name…so my phone have to resolve the name in the other apps

Okay I did some internal tests and notice a few strange things since one of the last mobile app updates.

@TS_Chris or @TS.ChrisR

Speaking about iOS

Doing a lookup from inside my LAN will successfully resolve the SRV record as well as the A(AAA) record.

$> nslookup -q=SRV  SRV service location:
          priority       = 0
          weight         = 10
          port           = 9987
          svr hostname   =

$> nslookup -q=A


Resolved successfully on different Windows and Unix devices within my LAN.
Trying to do so using the TeamSpeak mobile app will result in an error.

can’t resolve the hostname

This functionality still worked a few days ago right BEFORE the app got an update.

This issue appears ONLY if you gonna block UDP requests on port 53 (DNS requests) for network devices.
(excl. the router of course)

Any other device in the LAN has NO issue to resolve the hostname.
Even the iOS device itself has no issue to resolve hostname using different apps.

Removing the UDP request block for the mobile device will result in a resolvable hostname again.

Thus it’s obvious the TeamSpeak app doesn’t use the DNS server provided by an active WLAN connection (for example), it tries to use a different DNS resolver.

W H Y ?

It’s ridiculous to send requests to a DNS server other than the ones I trust.

If I decide to block any possible DNS requests for all devices in my LAN which isn’t using my DNS server, just to filter spam, ads and of course for security reasons why would TeamSpeak need to contact another DNS server to resolve the hostname?

TeamSpeak 3 and 5 aren’t doing this.

TeamSpeak isn’t open source and I don’t trust anyone else than me. That’s what I would call a security leak.


Since you’re responding to other threads, how about the mentioned issue?

Why does TeamSpeak mobile obviously don’t use the provided DNS servers if I am connected via. WiFi?

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