Can people read pokes or messages

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Some hackers managed to obtain a certain code for something. It’s not important what the code was but when I gave that code to a friend I did it by poking them with it on my TS server. Is it possible that someone could connect/login to the server at a later date and be able to read messages/pokes that might be months old and were not sent to them ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Pokes and messages are not stored in server.
Only offline messages are.

Why is the title of topic Hacked? But questions aren’t???

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Because as it says in the OP, the hackers had to get code somehow and seeing as all my machines have just passed a Deep AV Scan and my router ws checked by my ISP for any hack attempts there, the only other possibility is that maybe someone managed to get the code from the TS server.

The server was previously running 3.12.1. I have updated the software today.