Can reconnect to the messenger services (ts5)

can sombady help me reconnect to the massenger services.

I have already logged in again once and i have internet. and the client says that in need internet and to be logged in to a account.

Can you post a Client Log?

You can find it under %localappdata% \ TeamSpeak \ Logs \ Default

yes that is possible but I don’t know which one you need then there are a lot of them

i need the last Client Log example: image

here is al link to the log of today

my frend sees this

i don’t know if this onformation helps

Make sure “Use myTS Features” is enabled in your bookmark and that the Server is latest version
This is needed or else you have no myTS ID on that server and nobody can add you that way.

that’s already on
and ot workt bevore but now i does’t

i have fixt the problem i had to remove ts 5 form my pc and then re instal now the messenger servies works again

@Rikku That was obviously a client problem, in which case it had to do with a single Server? He couldn’t connect in general to the message service, the server doesn’t fix it.

I guess the only thing you can do is uninstall your Client and install it again and see if it works then.

Edit: haven’t seen the post

I got the same issue. After reinstall it still occurs sadly. Is there another option to fix that problem?

try to set the dns server manuely, use that from google


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It still doesnt work to reconnect to the messenger services unfortunately.