Can someone explain me the permission system?

Is there anyone out ther near to Clacton on Sea, Essex, UK who would be willing to offer Team Speak tuition to a self taught computer person who finds Team Speak fantastic but far too complex?
Ive sent this e mail to Team Speak which explains all!

I’d like to picture the scene.

Firstly me.

Ok, I’m 65, my birthday was yesterday. I’m a retired police officer here in the UK. I am not a member of the ‘whizz kid’ computer age and have had no training whatsoever in the use of computers. I use the computer to mainly access Word, the internet, Facebook, e bay and ‘World of Tanks’.

With a generous amount of free time in 2012 I got hooked on Wargamings ‘World of Tanks’ and have spent more than I care to admit on the game.

Since this time I have created a clan not that it’s too important but hey, I’m proud of it. It is called DAMD (Dads Army Motorised Division).

I rent a team speak on behalf of the clan and have done so since this time via different suppliers who on occasion go ‘tits up’ so you have to start again and find a new one.

Originally we had a clan member who was an IT ‘wizz kid’ (as previously described!) who set up and modified the T/S for the clan while I filled in in words.

That was all fine and dandy till he left and I was faced with a magnificent T/S set up around the fictional town of Walmington on Sea full of AFK rooms, pictures and server groups to the envy of many around and not having a bloody clue what to do with it or even run it.

Being an ex copper I carefully copied everything I could and saved them to my computer working out that the previous guy saved and used photos from ‘imgur’. This turned out to be rather fortunate.

This was great till the people who supplied the T/S decided to pull the plug as a company and we lost everything as it doesnt appear that another company can take over your account and set it up ‘as is’ (dumb move T/S, if you ask me!).

We are now with a company called ‘Multi Host’ based in London. I managed to get the T/S to resemble the original with a lot of hours of work, trials and loss of what hair I’ve left on the old bonnet. This was with regard to rooms, server groups and posting pictures on it.

I still haven’t a clue how to look at individual members and set up their permissions or even how to get myself the super admin as the owner.

Well on Friday 17th July Multi HOst were apparently, so they tell us the subject of a cyber attack and all T?S servers operating in London were lost.

No T/S and faced with the twinning of another clan on the North American servers. I’ve started to set it up again but I thought I’d look into more tuition regarding T/S. But where?

I have purchased Team Speak as opposed to Discord as I believe your product is superior and can deliver far more information to the end user… my clan members.

However chaps, it’s way too complicated for the likes of people like me who actually have the ability even as dorks when it comes to computer understanding to make your company earn huge profits and in turn pay your wages. Simply put you’re losing out to the other platforms that are more user friendly.

As with most things in the ‘computer says no’ world we live in everything is fine while you pay and things go well but it seems Team Speak has suffered the same malady that affects the world of today.

Simply put, you have lost sight of your customers as people in a push button, touch screen world.

It seems the only place that you can get any idea or tuition re T/S is YouTube where you are faced with posts done by young kids who really should be doing more constructive things in their lives!

So come on, I’ll issue a challenge.

Where can I go to get some honest to goodness tuition in T/S that some one like me can actually understand?

Over to you. I wait with bated breath for the probably computer generated answer!



If you read the full story of his “life” as you said so nicely

I still haven’t a clue how to look at individual members and set up their permissions or even how to get myself the super admin as the owner.

He is looking for: Tuition for permission system.

I have purchased Team Speak as opposed to Discord

He meant certainly renting a TS Server.

Read Think Write


I want to set up my own TeamSpeak Server But After Reading Almost 10 to 20 Threads About this I Still can’t understand as I don’t know Where is “Settings” In Teamspeak3 (I am New to TeamSpeak) Please dm me on “Discord” My username is Neil Gaming YT#6330

First, I purchase a TeamSpeak from a company called TeamSpeak.Host. I have never been able to work out how to get a free one but I would imagine they are full of adds.
Second sarcasm is the lowest form of wit so please keep inane comments to yourself. This is the problem with forums like this.
I require genuine assistance not some young idiot replying to me. It is a great shame that TeamSpeak don’t invest technology in helping ‘paying’ customers instead of relying on forums.

How rude?! You genuinely complain about sarcasm while blatantly insulting!
@FakE is one of the most active and helpful members of this community.
This community is the nicest I have even been part of.
And yes, there is support from TeamSpeak themselves. But you chose to go the way through the forum and still complain about the forum…

Back to the topic.

You are not a paying customer of TeamSpeak Systems GmbH as you said yourself!

As @FakE already said earlier, the software is free to use! What is not free (of course) is the infrastructure aka hardware.
What is not free is a license for more than 32 clients. But still you did not buy this. You bought a virtual server from

Thus you are a paying customer of them, while they are a paying customer of TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. So if you want support for paying customers you should go to them and not to TeamSpeak. (Or at least complain there)
Keep in mind

is not a reseller but a solutions provider.

Furthermore you still have NOT provided us with any information on what assistance you need.
Your inquiry is like asking the Microsoft community: “Here is a full excerpt of my autobiography and now explain me Windows!!!”
The permission system is a giant field and can not be simply explained. Even though a power based system should be self explanatory there are countless of tutorials, explanations, guides and so on out there. If you are seeking a private tutor say so. If you have a specific problem, say so.
But please, don’t just come here insulting people for trying to help you!


DM or PM me and i will help you !