Can someone explain please

So what covers General? This is the General discussion yet topics get removed… YET AGAIN!!

This is a general question about the teamspeak Forum so that in the future I/We know what will not be removed from the forums.

By the way… stating that the large role out of beta access was not large enough does not seem to be a General Comment. Maybe a reply with ‘don’t worry we are close to letting more out or we see an end in sight and the finished version will be available on XXXX Nahh… DELETED.

It also seems that anything tongue in cheek or remotely meant with a smile will also be removed :smiley:

Let’s start there so that anyone who signs up for beta later doesn’t want to get an instant key :smiley:
For example, I signed up in the first few days and as the closed beta started in late 2019, I got a key in the first week.
Otherwise, the keys are already being sent out continuously.

They keep asking the same question and always the same answer. There is nothing surprising about this. it will be finished when it is done. When the time comes we will find out the date.

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Since this is a forum and not FB, Twitter etc. we remove off-topic when reported or see it for ourselves.
The thread you and the other user replied to is locked because a reply there is not wanted (afaik) so creation of new threads just for a reply here is kind of off-topic. We try to keep the forum clean.

Would not be a big problem when posted in off-topic.


I understand that a key is not instant…my point is that it is all said in some ‘jest’ and that we all know it will take time…when I say not large enough role out with a sad face that’s exactly what it means…I’m sad haha.

I also know that it will be ready when it is ready :slight_smile:

Just don’t know why it gets deleted haha…Yes this is not FB or Twitter and I get that…I have not posted anything UNCLEAN here! To show a little disappointment in the form of a sad emoji…well I did not see anything wrong with that…instead of deletion maybe something constructive back :slight_smile:

Anyway…I am pretty sure from what I have seen in the way of screenshots and cracked YouTube versions ( I have not used and will not use) the end result will be worth the wait.

Keep up the good work and hope I either see a beat version hint hint lol…or…the end result soon :slight_smile:

Sorry if i cause any hassle…Smiley :slight_smile: