Can TeamSpeak Servers get Layer 7 Attack?


Can TeamSpeak Servers get Layer 7 Attack? I am getting Virtual server from a provider and TeamSpeak server has been getting DDoS attack last week. The server does not crash, there is no ping problem, but they are prevented from logging in. Users inside are not a problem either, but no one from the outside can log in. When I asked my provider about this, she said I was getting a Layer 7 ByPass attack. Layer 7 Attacks Not Just For Websites? Is this possible?

DDos sounds more like a Layer 3 or 4 attack.
Where someone sends massive packets to your ip/port.


My server has layer 3-4 Protection. I get DDoS Attacks for a long time but there was no problem. I’ve had such a problem for the past week and my Provider said it’s layer 7